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The Here & Now: Currently promoting my novel, A Month In The Life Of Jackson Grimes

I’m a writer, with a background in film-making and photography, and a live-aboard boater. I scribble & snap my way around the inland waterways of London and the South East of England.

Backstory: Brought up in Ireland and London. I trained in Los Angeles as a director & screenwriter at UCLA and USC film-schools. During my LA days I wrote, produced and directed a number of short films and began writing screenplays. 

After LA I returned to Ireland and optioned one of my early scripts to a London based producer. This drew me back to The Big Smoke and led to further options, commissions & collaborations.

Selected outlines from my back catalogue of original screenplays can be seen on the Scripts: Log Lines page of this website. All are available to read as either samples or for consideration for further development. 

Deep Backstory: My introducion to storytelling came through the lens. I took my first photograph when I was five, started using SLRs when I was ten and built my own darkroom at thirteen.

These days it’s all digital, mostly for fun and primarily with an iPhone.

As the adage goes, every picture tells a story. A few of mine can be seen on the Photographs page.

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