Scripts: Log Lines

Virtually Verity

While struggling to protect her business from nefarious property developers and cope with the betrayal of a lover with a secret gambling addiction, Verity Fairweather discovers that the world she knows, our world, is a virtual simulation which, along with her own reality, she is destined to either save or destroy. (TV, pilot script & series proposal)

The Enemy Of My Enemy

Dark thriller. Three strangers combine forces to kidnap a common enemy and destroy him, only to turn on each other as their manipulative victim fuels their base instincts for greed, rage and paranoia. (Screenplay, feature film)

Hal’s Kitchen:  

Hal, a nervous pastry chef obsessed with all things sweet, along with his long suffering cat, Fluster, must journey to the underworld in order to challenge the two headed Chef and save the quirky town of Sarsparaville. (Screenplay for an animated feature - Hal’s Kitchen is a collaboration with animator & director Paul Donnellon and the property of VooDooDog Films).

Willow House

Gothic horror. Patrick and his family move into the house of his dreams, only to find that his ancestry and the property share a dark, inescapable secret. A dark story of long awaited, supernatural revenge unfolds. (Screenplay, feature film).

Vagabonds & Vandals

Fast paced action thriller. Four petty thieves are tricked into carrying out a heist and become the victims of a series of double crosses. (Screenplay, feature film)

Ice: The Noah Project: Epic science fiction. A message from afar may spell mankind’s salvation or extermination. The only one who can decode it died three centuries ago, though his memories may survive. (Long form treatment, TV mini-series)

Soho Rodeo

Several seemingly unconnected lives and stories cross paths in London’s West End against the backdrop of the infamous 2003 May Day riots. (Screenplay, feature film)

Under The Long Light

Claustrophobic, film-noir thriller set on a small island. A loaner returns home and is duped into committing a crime of passion. (Screenplay, feature film)

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